Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome to The Campfire

For many years, Nick and I have related stories with one another. Threw around thought and ideas about unexplained experiences we have had. Even picked each others brains about different speculations on paranormal phenomenon.

Due to certain events in my own personal life, my writing and enjoyment of investigating the unknown fell silent. I knew eventually, once life settled down, I would return, and here I am.
It was during a resting period that the idea for a collaboration came to mind. A dream that awoke me with a mind filled with ideas, and Nick as the partner-in-crime.

Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Misty, and I am the "young" writer Nick had mentioned. Such flattery!

I am not new to the unknown world. As a young child I began experiencing many ghostly encounters. I have been known to have my dreams visited by those deceased, as well as ones foretelling an event to happen. I am also an active believer in UFOs and the greys.

Age has not changed my abilities, but it has given me different perspectives on many things. I, like many, have held my stories close to my heart - telling only those I trust fully. Too many times, judgment has been brought forth by those non-believers, causing my silence.

This Campfire will have none of that! It is a place to allow you freedom from judgment, as Nick said in his welcome post. Some of you may still be hesitant in telling a story that deserves to be heard. If it makes you feel better, when you e-mail your story to us, let us know you want to remain anonymous. We will understand and protect your privacy.

We are looking forward to hearing you stories, as we sit around our virtual campfire roasting marshmallows!

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