Thursday, October 11, 2012

Going Under

Good Thursday morning Campfire Friends!
    For a couple days I have been pondering on which story to tell everyone. I do have many, and want to share them all, but being a momma and a busy woman, I have to narrow it down to one at a time. However choosing that one, is not so easy.
    I have always had visitors enter my dreams, (as I said in my welcome blog). Old friends, family, and even family of those I know. It has been sometime though that this has happened. Being exhausted from my days, has led my sleep to either be restless, or comatose, no room for dreams.
    On Tuesday, I had to go in for a small procedure. Nerve root injections were placed in my lower back. Something I go through about every six months or so. It was pretty routine, nothing unexpected was to take place. So I thought! Normally, once they get me in the surgery room, and give me the sleepy time medicine, I am out, with no dreams, and no disturbances. Except for this time.
   While I was under I had a visit from three very important people in my life. Both of my grandfathers, and a dear friend I lost in a motorcycle accident about 4 years ago. I was so thrilled to see these three men, especially my Grandpa Coppes or "Papa" as I called him. I do not remember everything that was said, but I do remember some.
   Both of my grandparents were sitting in wooden chairs, and I was sitting in one as well between the both of them, facing them. My dear friend stood behind my grandpas. Papa told me how happy he was to see where I am in life. That where I am at, is where I am meant to be. He told me he was glad to see I was happy. My other grandpa, told me he wished he would of spent more time with me as I grew. (I lost contact with that side of the family at a very young age. And reunited with them some 12 years later.) My friend did say something, but to remember it verbatim, I can not! I do know that he has watched over me during troubling times in my life. I know that now, and I thank him for that. The last thing I remember papa saying was, "Don't give up on your dreams!"
   As a child, my papa always cupped my face with his large rough hands. At the end of our visit, he did just that and I awoke. Begging the nurse for a pen and paper. I wanted to write everything I could fresh while I remembered it. But that did not happen, instead I choked back tears. Waited until they got me to David, in which case I cried tears of joy. Telling him about my visit, and how happy it made me.
   Yesterday, after thinking about what to tell at the campfire, I knew I had to share this story with everyone. It touched my heart to know all three of them still check in on me. I am also so very happy that my papa is content with where I am. As I told David about this event, I began to laugh saying "Well I knew Papa would like you!" I just wish they could have met in person. :( But at least I know now I am on the right track.
   What bothers me is that one of them told me about something to happen in my future. Something good, positive, and it was to up lift my spirits ( about something I am doing, will be doing, or did,) but I can't remember what it was, or who said it, and it is driving me crazy! I guess I will find out when the time comes, then I will know what it was I was told.

Campfire is warm and toasty....


  1. What a wonderful surprise to find your site! Came to you through Dr. Beachcombing's "Bizarre History Blog": It seems as though your site fills perfectly the void left by Jason Offutt at "From The Shadows" since he sadly decided to hang up his spurs on turning pro.

    I love what I've seen so far, and congratulate you not only on your chilling stories thrillingly told, but on being a cut above the usual amateurish efforts at writing one so often finds in this genre. I'm bookmarking you, and hope to come back often to see your marvelous posts.

  2. Thank you, Jum. We hope to be able to coax more tales of the amazing from everyone.