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Monica's Story - Perceptual Dimensions and Fractured Reality

Monica’s Story – Perceptual Dimensions and Fractured Reality

15 September 2012

As related to, and presented by N. A. Reiter

The following story was related to me in part, verbally, a few years ago, by a young woman from Findlay, Ohio.  For some years previous to that, Monica had kept the tale close to her side and heart, and felt that it was too damned “out there” to appeal either to people devoted to studying either paranormal topics, OR UFO and alien claims.  It was also an account of a very private and harrowing encounter, and a certain distance in time was needed for Monica to feel safe in relating it to me in full.

Over two and a half decades of studying claims of anomalous personal events felt to be of an alien or other-worldly nature, one of the great disappointments to me has been the relative ease with which stories of abductions, contact, or even UFO sightings become pigeon-holed into prevailing paradigms – even those within the communities of experiencers themselves.  Many researchers, writers, and media presenters who work within the “UFOs-as-ET” perceptual box (the prevailing one) tend to either disregard or ostracize accounts that would invalidate or challenge their belief system.

But the Damned Strange exists nevertheless, and within the stories of the Damned Strange lie clues that can help us discern the true nature of the paradox – the Enigma Alpha – around us.  One does not discard puzzle pieces because they are displeasing to the eye.

I shall transcribe Monica’s story herewith:


“Have you ever had an event happen in your life, that no matter how many years go by, you can never forget that moment?  It has been eighteen years for me, and it was an experience I rarely talk about or think about.  One that frightened me, but opened my mind to new possibilities.

In October of 1994, “J” (Monica’s boyfriend at the time – NR) and I were merely teenagers, but sliding fast into adulthood.  We had just graduated in June, and had more recently found out we were going to be parents that coming March.

One evening, J and I were staying with some friends – another young couple who like us were trying to make it as adults.  We all stayed up late, talking, playing video games, and playing with their son, a one year old.  All of us were exhausted by 3:00AM.  J and I decided we would just crash there at our friends’ apartment.

Once J and I got comfortable on the couch (and with me pregnant, that was a chore!) it was not long before we fell asleep.  There was a window behind the couch that looked out onto a small “less travelled” road.  I slept to the back of the couch, facing J.

A bright beam of light came through the window, startling me awake.  The white light was brighter than a car’s headlight, brighter than a spotlight.  Still, today, I have not seen a light compare to this.  I continued to lay still when the light woke me up – it was J who moved me off the couch.  As I tried to sit up, I heard a gagging sound from J, behind me.  I tried to turn back towards him, but he shoved me the rest of the way off the couch.

I wasn’t sure what was happening, the light blinded my vision.  I tried looking out the window to see the source, but could not.  The position of the couch and the window frame itself gave J a slight shield from the blinding light.

I knelt down by him, asking in a panicked voice, what was wrong, was he OK, what should I do?  All at once, J stopped making the gagging noise, his body stretched out flat, and he began to scream…
”Leave her alone!”  You came for me!  Leave her be!!” J cried out.  I scrambled to the TV stand, which was not far from the couch.  I was motionless, staring at the ceiling.  J’s screams faded to soft whimpers.

Slowly, I moved back toward him.  J started thrashing his body around as if someone or something was restraining him. “No! No! No!” he kept repeating.  All of a sudden, he fell silent, his mouth went open, and his eyes rolled back in his head.

His body began to shake violently.  I began to scream for help.  I heard the woman we were staying with reply from another room, “what’s going on!?”  As soon as her voice rang out, the light flashed off, and J jumped up off the couch.

He crawled to me, and kept saying, “Did you see them?  Did they touch you?  Are you OK?”  I had not seen anyone.  All I saw was the bright beam of light, and J’s body being tortured by something unknown.

In a momentary unspoken agreement, we convinced our friend that I had had a pregnancy nightmare, and that she should go back to bed – all was OK.  Neither J or I could fall back asleep though.  When we were sure we were alone, J told me that when the light flashed on, something had come with it.  He said that there had been four figures in the room – two held him down, a third stayed at his side staring intently at him, and the fourth was heading towards me.  When he begged for it not to, the figure beside him made a noise, and the one pursuing me stopped and went back to the others.  This entity then opened J’s jaw, and the staring figure – the main guy – shoved a rod down J’s throat.
I asked J what they looked like.  He said they were tall, thin, their hands similar to ours, but strangely long.  When they touched him their skin was clammy and grey looking.  Their eyes were large and their heads oblong.

J was visibly scared and paranoid about a return event.  After that night, we barely spoke about it, and when I brought it up, he would tell me it never happened.  Still, today, he says this.

When all of this took place, I can remember hearing a high pitched noise, like being under some old power lines and hearing them hum, as well as a metallic odor.”

My gratitude is extended most sincerely to Monica for sharing the entirety of her story with me.  I am honored, and yet astounded.  That latter emotion – astonishment – has not abated over two and a half decades of listening to the stories of so many folks.

Monica’s life has gone onward wonderfully, with more children, new relationships, college, and fulfillment of many of her dreams, writing being primary among them.  But like all who experience the soul chilling touch of the “Damned Strange” and the hand of those shadowy beings that appear to populate that boundary layer of reality, life never will be quite the same.

Someone immersed in the ET hypothesis would speculate that aliens were using a mind erasing technique or cloaking device to perform their objective on Monica’s boyfriend J.  Those who would consider the sequence of events from the perspectives of abnormal psychology would doubtless find adequate explanation for their own sake, within that discipline.  The Occultist or Shaman would add their insights.

As I have personally moved past the point where I might have anticipated a model or explanation that I could want to believe in, I have found renewed value in letting the words of the experience speak for themselves.  And as always, within the details, a metaphorical Devil might be yet found.

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